Web design Tips to Increase E-Commerce Sales

The trend of online shopping is gaining popularity as a number of people find it easy to access a wide range of products from anywhere around the world. This is due to Ecommerce website designers’, use of cutting edge technologies to provide consumers with the best shopping experience. An Ecommerce website that is carefully designed can attract many buyers leading to high revenue for website owners. If you are in the process of developing an Ecommerce website then our tips can benefit you greatly in increasing consumer traffic on your online store.

Updated Product Pages

Product pages are the most important part of an Ecommerce website as they educate consumers about the specifications and usage of products they want to purchase. Furthermore, these pages also give necessary guidelines about the shipment process, price and warranties helping customers to stay well informed about the products and take action in accordance with that. For this reason it is essential to creatively design your product pages and update all the necessary information on them in order to keep the customers fully informed. Always remember that a buyer that is well-informed will be more inclined to recommend your website to friends and family.

Avoid Clutter

A major mistake that Ecommerce website owners make is that they promote a number of advertisements, pop ups and feeds in order to optimise their business output. These advertisements may frustrate customers and interfere with their shopping experience. Therefore, it is advised to keep these displays to a minimum so that users are not disturbed while browsing through your website.

Lesser Clicks and Easy Navigation

At first sight the visitors may be impressed by your website’s outlook but they may leave your website quickly if they find it difficult to operate due to unnecessary clicks. Therefore, always ensure to have a simple web design so that consumers can smoothly pass over the registration, payment and sign up sections. Visitors of Ecommerce websites are looking for navigation that is free from hassle. Therefore, make sure that there are no complications or distortion in your website and use easy navigation tools that can conveniently lead users to pages that interest them.

High Quality Pictures

Images are an important element of website design as customers are enticed to visit and browse websites that are visually striking. Therefore, the first impression of the website really matters. Good quality pictures immediately grasp consumer attention thus encouraging them to swiftly take a decision to buy products. Due to this reason it is important for Ecommerce web designers to include visually appealing and clear pictures that can attract buyers. This can be implemented by using technologies for image optimisation as these tools have the ability to compress images without affecting their quality.

Add Product Overview Videos

A lot of consumers report that a product overview video can easily help them in their decision making process as they can easily watch the product and understand its uses immediately. Therefore, in order to increase sales, product overview videos should be added to Ecommerce websites. Product overview videos can either be uploaded in the photo gallery of your online store or on the product page so that as soon as the customer clicks on the product he or she can watch the product inside out in the video.

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