Responsive Web Design Advantages in 2017

Responsive web design is a design that can easily adapt to the screen’s size of a user’s device. In the present age this revolutionary technology is popular among web users who browse through mobile phones and tablets all the time to read news, conduct research and buy products online. All these factors have made responsive web design a necessity for this generation’s people. While creating a responsive web design to improve user experience a plethora of factors are kept in mind such as high resolution, touch instead of clicks and size of the device. Responsive web design has proved to be very beneficial for web developers, designers and importantly in improving the overall consumer browsing experience of a website. Therefore, we present the advantages of responsive web design for the year 2017.

Improving Search Engine Optimisation

A responsive web design with quality and relevant content is significant for increasing website traffic. Although with stronger back links it gets easier for the website to decode and optimise rankings but there is an added advantage of increasing SEO through a responsive design. A responsive website design can largely reduce the development costs that may result from creating and maintaining multiple websites. Furthermore, if a company has a website that caters to small devices such as smart phones then users won’t have to encounter problems of distorted images. Therefore, responsive web design allows you to manage and maintain one proper website instead of spending money on multiple websites and their maintenance. Dedication to only one website that is also mobile phone friendly will help you increase search engine results. Moreover it will save you from wasting your resources on duplicating content on multiple sites.

Faster Loading Of Web pages

It takes minimal time for a responsive web design to load pages. As per recent research internet users are much more likely to choose a competitor’s website and discard yours if it takes more than three seconds to load a webpage. A website that is not optimised for cell phones and tablets can take more time in navigation and will frustrate the users. Therefore, always ensure that the responsive web design of your company is based on modern design methods such as caching that may allow the website to load faster.

Increased Conversion Rates

In order to attract new visitors to your website it is important to improve their website navigation experience. Users do not like to be redirected to multiple device specific websites when they are in the process of deciding whether they want to purchase a product or service. Therefore, responsive web design is equipped with the mechanism called cascading style sheets that provide constant visual experience on all kinds of media. Due to this consistency offered by cascading style sheets the user already comprehends how to navigate and use a system on various media thus resulting in higher conversion rates.

Cost-Effective And Less Time Consuming

It takes far lesser time to create and manage one responsive web design instead of going through the hassle of creating an independent site for smart phones. Responsive design may not only give you an edge over your competitors but will also reduce costs due to having a single website to manage and focus on. This in return will increase search engine optimisation and result in increased sales as more people enjoy visiting your website due to its efficiency.

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