Some of the latest websites we’ve launched

2014 was a busy year for us here at Design Vibe Creative. After the launch of our own new website we have been rushed off our feet with work. The aim was to update the website on a lot more regular basis but being so busy we just couldn’t find the time! It is a New Year however and the New Years resolution here at the Design Vibe Creative office in Norwich was to post more news!

Our first post of 2015 will be a recap of a few websites we launched over 2014. We are only going to list a few to save time so don’t be offended if you haven’t been listed clients!

Airgoo –
One of our earlier clients in the year was Airgoo Digital Signage. Airgoo approached Design Vibe requiring a re-design of their out of date website.

Gridstar Motorsport –
Gridstar has been a client of Design Vibe for several years now. They offer promo wear and team wear across the globe. Gridstar has gone from strength to strength over the last few years and have become one of the leading manufacturers in their sector. In 2014 Gridstar felt it was time to get their digital brand to match the size of the company.

Compare Event Media –
Compare Event Media is a website that connects you with Photographers in the UK. Photographers have registered on the website and manage their own timetable through a calendar system. This website allows people to find photographers in their own area that are available for the date that they require to save time and money!

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